Talk Like a Native

Episode 1 - Hit the Ground Running

May 10, 2016

Talk Like a Native

Episode 1: Hit the ground running

Christine: Hi My name is Christine.

Kevin: My name is Kevin and we are your hosts for Talk like a Native.

Christine: On this program, we plan to bring you an expression a week so that you can listen to it while you commute to work or before you go to bed.

Kevin: They’re short and simple so that you can always find a little time to practice your expressions.

Christine: This is our first episode and we’re going to hit the ground running.

Kevin: That’s right folks, we’re going to charge full speed ahead*with our first expression. “Hit the ground running.”

Christine: We decided to choose this phrase to start off our podcast. Kevin, please tell everyone why we decided on this phrase.

Kevin: It means to start something immediately, work hard and be successful at it. Since this is our first episode, we thought it would be appropriate as we plan to do just that.

Christine: When I first heard this expression, I thought it meant literally to hit the ground running. I was picturing Tom Cruise jumping out of a moving vehicle and somehow managing to continue running from the bad guys.

Kevin: Mission Impossible style!

Christine: Alright, let’s hear some other examples:

-          As soon as the troops were given the signal,they hit the ground running.

-         In order to get ahead, you’ll have to hit the ground running.

-          If you want to succeed in life, you must always hit the ground running.

Christine: We hope that this has helped give you a better understanding of this phrase and remember that the point of this podcast is not to memorize the phrase but actually use it. So give it a shot**.

Kevin: Please tune in each week as we plan to provide you with many more expressions and idioms to help get you to hit the ground running so that you too can “Talk like a Native.”

*Charge full speed ahead: To try your hardest without hesitation

**Give it a shot: Give it a try; try it out