Talk Like a Native

Episode 11 - (Cost) an arm and a leg

July 17, 2016

Talk Like a Native

Episode 11: (Cost) an arm and a leg

Kevin: What are you doing?

Christine: I’m debating whether I should buy tickets to the rock festival. I really want to see Weezer*.

Kevin: So, what’s stopping you?

Christine: The tickets cost an arm and a leg and I fear that I may be too old for rock festivals.

Kevin: What? An arm and a leg? Like literally?

Christine: No! Of course not! If we say something costs an arm and a leg, it just means that it is very expensive.

Kevin: Oh! So how much are the tickets?

Christine: Tickets are $180 per person.

Kevin: Ouch...that is pretty pricey.

Christine: Plus, it’s summertime and it’s hot. I fear that it might actually cost me an arm and a leg in the pit* with all of those youngins*.

Kevin: But maybe it’s worth it. I know how much you like Weezer.

Christine: Let me think about it while we give our listeners some examples.

  • Everything at the restaurant tastes amazing but it costs an arm and a leg

  • I really wanted to go to Europe but plane tickets cost an arm and a leg during peak season.

  • We love this place because everything is high quality and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

Christine: I wish they could have a concert just for me! That way I don’t have to deal with the sweltering summer heat.

Kevin: That would probably really cost you an arm and a leg.

Christine: I know...but one can always dream.

Kevin: So you’ve decided not to go then?

Christine: Yeah, I don’t think I can handle the heat and the crowd in the pit.

Kevin: Good choice. We can’t have you suffering from heat stroke. You still have to do more episodes with me!

Christine: For the greater good.

*Weezer: An American rock band

*Pit: Mosh Pit (Area at the front of a typical rock concert where attendants push and jump)

*Youngin: Slang / colloquial term for young person