Talk Like a Native

Episode 17 - Lost your touch

September 12, 2016

Talk Like a Native

Episode 17 - Lost your touch

Kevin: Hey Christine, what are you up to?

Christine: I’m trying to sketch something but I think I’ve lost my touch.

Kevin: What? Are you telling me that you can no longer feel anything? You lost your sense of touch?

Christine: No, I mean I don’t think I can draw anymore. To lose your touch means to lose expertise or finesse. You may have been really good at something before, but suddenly you can no longer do it as well.

Kevin: Ah, you mean you used to be able to draw well but you can’t anymore!

Christine: Exactly! Haven’t you ever lost your touch with anything?

Kevin: Hmm... I’ve lost my touch at basketball. I used to be able to shoot 3 pointers with my eyes closed. Now, I can barely do a layup.

Christine: Oh, you used to play basketball too? I miss playing basketball. We should play sometime.

Kevin: Let’s go play now!

Christine: How about we give our listeners some examples of today’s expression and then worry about that later?

Kevin: Oh right, sorry. Let’s hear some example’s of this week’s phrase:

- In his latest book, he seems to have lost his touch at creating intriguing storylines.
- Michael Phelps never lost his touch, he was still able to bring home 5 golds from Rio.

- She didn’t want to lose her touch, so she practiced the violin for 6 hours a day.

Kevin: That drawing looks like a foot.

Christine: I was trying to sketch the Eiffel Tower.

Kevin: Seriously? It looks like you really did lose your touch.

Christine: You know what? Let’s go play basketball right now. I will school you.