Talk Like a Native

Episode 18 - Keep your chin up

September 18, 2016

Talk Like a Native

Episode 18 - Keep your chin up

Kevin: Hey Christine, long time no see.

Christine: Hey Kevin.

Kevin: What’s wrong? Why so glum?

Christine: Facebook Memories just reminded me of something I was trying to forget.

Kevin: And what was that?

Christine: Well, a few months ago I got into a fight with a friend of mine. Now, he doesn’t ever want to talk to me again.

Kevin: What happened?

Christine: I have no idea. It was completely out of the blue! He picked a fight and when I tried to explain myself he just blew me off.

Kevin: Why would he do that? Were you guys really close?

Christine: We’ve known each other for a really long time. I felt like he was someone I could really trust and confide in. I guess I was wrong.

Kevin: Maybe he was just having a bad day. You should try to get in touch with him again.

Christine: It’s been over 2 months already. I tried to say hi once, but got nothing but radio silence.

Kevin: It’s okay man, keep your chin up. I’m sure things will work themselves out. Just give him some time for now.

Christine: Keep what up?

Kevin: Keep your chin up! It’s something you say to your friends when you want to encourage them to stay strong. It’s to let them know that they’ll get through this.

Christine: That’s a nice thing to say. Thanks for that. I will try to keep my chin up. I mean I’ve been through so much worse. I should just let it go.

Kevin: Let it go, let it go!

Christine: Before this turns into a bad karaoke session. Let’s give our listeners some examples of this expression!

-Don’t worry, you have an amazing resume. Keep your chin up, you’ll find something soon.
-Keeping your chin up will be hard after all that has happened but keep at it and things will get better!
-Don’t tell me to keep my chin up! I’m so tired and I just want to be left alone.

Christine: This talk has made me feel much better.

Kevin: Well, I’m glad I could help. So let it go, let it go!

Christine: Oh my god, stop.