Talk Like a Native

Episode 2 - It’s so close I can almost taste it

May 16, 2016

Talk Like a Native

Episode 2: “It’s so close I can almost taste it”

Kevin: Welcome back to Episode 2 of Talk Like a Native. We hope you all had a great week.

Christine: What were you up to this week, Kevin?

Kevin: I just went shopping and met up with some friends. I’m so excited that the weather has finally warmed up. I’m really looking forward to going out this weekend and spending some time outdoors. It’s so close I can almost taste it!

Christine: Dude… it’s Monday! The weekend just ended.

Kevin: I know, but I’m just really excited that spring is finally here! The winter was way too long.

Christine: I know, right? And it was way too cold. Anyways, today’s expression is “It’s so close I can almost taste it”. Kevin, could you please explain to our listeners what this expression means?

Kevin: It means that something intangible is so close that you can almost physically feel its presence, even though it’s slightly out of reach.

Christine: It’s so close, that you feel as if it’s in front of you, and you can taste it! But unfortunately, you can’t.

Kevin: Right! What are some other examples of “It’s so close I can almost taste it”?

- “Spring is so close, I can almost taste it!”

-“I’m so close to finishing this project, I can almost taste it!”

-“Graduation is so close, I can almost taste it!”

Kevin: We hope that this has helped you get a better understanding of this phrase. Now go along and try this new expression with your friends!

Christine: Tune in next week to learn more useful phrases and expressions that you can use in your everyday life!

Kevin: Hey, did you know there’s another podcast that does something similar except everyone has cooler accents?

Christine: Oh, you mean The English We Speak?

Kevin: Yeah, I think it’s a BBC production.

Christine: It’s ok, we’re doing it the American way. We’ll be bringing you a lot more American idioms and our accents, although not as cool, are much easier to understand.