Talk Like a Native

Episode 5 - Going Places

June 6, 2016

Talk Like a Native

Episode 5: “To go places”

Christine: Hey, this is Christine! I am one of your hosts for Talk Like a Native.

Kevin: Just in case you guys have missed our first few episodes, we wanted to remind our listeners why we created this podcast in the first place.

Christine: So Kevin, why is it that we created this podcast in the first place?

Kevin: Well…isn’t it because English has so many weird idioms and expressions? We wanted to help people get a better understanding of them, right?

Christine: Oh yeah. It’s because these expressions can be so confusing. We wanted to simplify them for ESL learners. English can be extremely difficult at times, and we’re hoping that we can help out with some of that frustration.

Kevin: Yeah, I think this podcast will really go places.

Christine: Go places? You think like we’ll be able to like go to Europe and do our podcasts there?

Kevin: No. “Going places” means that it will be successful.

Christine: Oh man, I was getting excited at first ‘cause I thought we’d be able to go to Paris and do our podcast there. You actually just meant that Talk Like a Native will be successful?

Kevin: Yeah, but maybe if we are successful enough, we can actually go places.

Christine: Here are a few examples of how to use this expression:

  • When I first heard the idea, I knew Suda would be going places.

  • They knew that Tom, with all his talents, would definitely go places.

  • She had so much potential we all knew that she would go places.

Christine: We hope that our listeners also believe that we will be going places as well.

Kevin: Please tune in each week to hear more expressions and idioms! And remember guys, don’t memorize these phrases! Try them out and make them a natural part of your spoken English.